Bookmark Search: Text

Use the following guidelines for entering search terms and search operators. "Any field" combines all text fields in the search form, including tags. "Bookmarker" lets you search for bookmarks created by a particular user. "Notes" searches for terms within all bookmarkers' notes.

The characters ":" and "@" have special meanings. Leave them out of your search or you will get unexpected results.

*: any characters
book* will find book and books and booking.
space: a space acts like AND
Harry Potter will find Harry Potter and Harry James Potter but not Harry.
||: OR (not exclusive)
Harry || Potter will find Harry, Harry Potter, and Potter.
"": words in exact sequence
"Harry Lockhart" will find Harry Lockhart but not Harry Potter/Gilderoy Lockhart.
-: NOT
Harry -Lockhart will find Harry Potter but not Harry Lockhart or Gilderoy Lockhart/Harry Potter.