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PreCure All Stars - Dynasty Project G

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There is no such thing as magic in this world.

That's obvious, isn't it? You'd be surprised at how many people misunderstand that simple fact.

Perhaps there was a previous version of the world, a world where magic used to exist. Maybe a world where men and women could become monsters, and heroines with magic would be needed to fight them? Maybe a world where there just were monsters, always had been, and heroines both ancient and modern rose up against them with the power of friendship? Friendship, in this case, meaning magic. Or perhaps the world was once two worlds, one with magic wands, monsters, mermaids, and a deeply misguided man-like lizard whom you really might end up rooting for just because you feel sorry for him, and another more ordinary world with none of those things, until one day they came together?

Or maybe, just maybe, the world was all of those things and more at the same time, even though that world was so full of contradictions that it didn't quite make sense when examined on a holistic scale? A world where there are new heroines every year, gradually growing in numbers, but all of them stay the same without ever growing up or anyone getting any older at all? A world where even villains who publicly threaten the entire world, or go so far as to completely conquer the multiverse for a few weeks, seem to be completely unknown to anyone just a couple of years later? In a world where the magical girls of yesteryear – literally the previous year – are not only known to this year's heroes, but actually famous, can a magical girl's work every be truly done?

Worlds like those might have virtues of their own, but they are not this world. If there was ever magic in this world, by now it has all been deleted and everything reset, and everything now is as if it never was.

Ah, now that's a silly idea, isn't it? Even in a world where magic might have once existed, surely nobody had that kind of power.

In this world where there is no magic, it stands to reason that there are no magical girls. Oh, the girls themselves exist. They live, struggle, and grow – just without any magic nor any need for it. There are people who would have been their enemies or allies in those other worlds, but for those people as well, there is no just thing as magic.

In this world where there is no magic, those people are not fairies, or time travelers, or half-man, half-bee middle managers – just ordinary folks who have to eat, sleep, and work like anybody else. Without any magic to set things in motion and to align them all on one side against the other, they may not even be enemies… but then again, they may. Perhaps, even in the absence of magic, something like that – something close enough to whatever may have happened in those other worlds – could happen anyway, despite the non-existence of magic. Who is to say?

Now, let us speak of Project G.

Project G is Fusion Group's great purpose, its reason for being. In this world with neither magic nor any need for magic, Project G selects ordinary girls (and perhaps eventually a few boys) and gives them a little something to tie them together. A certain amount of money, a fancy moniker, nothing too extraordinary. If it happens that this little something should help them to make friends, or to start raise families as they grow up, well… You could say that Friendship and Family are what the F stands for.

Oh, it's Project G, isn't it? If it ever was Project F, then by now that has all been deleted and everything reset for a second time.

Of course, that is a joke. Fusion Group does not have that kind of power.

Isn't that right, Miss Ayumi?