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This page contains the guidelines for Fandom Tags. For more general information, please see the Wrangling Intro page.

Fandom tags refer to tags Users may input into the Fandom field during story creation. The base rules should always be applied first.

Guideline updated 11 February 2022

Base Rules

The fandom name is the name as shown on the show logo, book cover, or similar published media where applicable, with prefixes and/or universe identifiers as appropriate.

Note: Please see below for naming conventions for each of the media types.

Note: Add synonyms as appropriate, whether or not they exist in the archive already.


SYNONYM: Crime Scene Investigation: Miami
CANONICAL: Star Trek: Voyager
CANONICAL: Panic! at the Disco
SYNONYM: Panic at the Disco

If a tag contains emojis, please follow the guidelines listed here.

Guideline updated 1 Jan 2019

Fandoms Beginning With Articles or Other Common Stop Words

This rule applies to fandoms with names that start with Articles and other common stop words in their language. A non-exhaustive list of examples include, but is not limited to: a, an, der, die, i, le, l', la, le, los, the. (It does not include conjunctions such as "and" or "but", or prepositions such as "in" or "on".)

Standard Format: A Fandom Tag's Name should be the official published name; lacking that, it should be the most common fandom name. A Fandom Tag's "Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting" should be the name of the fandom without any initial common articles or stop words. Most of the time the Archive software will automatically remove starting articles from the sort name, but in certain cases the sort name will need to be manually adjusted.

Note: a familiarity with the language in question is needed for this adjustment, since some words are articles in one language but not in others. If you are uncertain if a stop word should be removed, please contact Tag Wrangling Supervisors so that they may check with the OTW Translations committee.

Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting: X-Files
CANONICAL: The Death Gate Cycle - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting: Death Gate Cycle - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
CANONICAL: Die Verwandlung | The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka
Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting: Verwandlung | The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka
CANONICAL: Die Hard (Movies)
Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting: Die Hard (Movies)
CANONICAL: In Plain Sight
Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting: In Plain Sight

In cases of multiple fandoms that share a title but have different subtitles, include all articles in the subtitle in the canonical tag, but manually remove the subtitle's initial article in the sort name:

CANONICAL: Transformers: The Headmasters
Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting: Transformers Headmasters

With fandom series which use Roman numerals in the title, manually change the numerals to standard numbers in the sort name (this way they will appear in proper numerical order in the fandom list):

CANONICAL: Final Fantasy VII
Name To Use For Alphabetical Sorting: Final Fantasy 07

Note: this change is effective 2013 January 26. Fandom names may not appear adjusted immediately, due to server caching and time to review fandom names.

Guideline updated 9 Feb 2013

Shared & Similar Names/Multiple Media

When and why to disambiguate

If there is another fandom with the same name or there’s a chance there will be, whether they’re related or not (e.g. a movie title with 3 other movies on IMDB with the same title). For example, Iron Man (Comics), Iron Man (Cartoon) and Iron Man (Movies). This allows users to filter the canon they actually mean. If the canon is obscure, that is not reason enough to disambiguate, nor is a single-word canon title (unless it is a common title).

If two fandoms share both name and media (in particular TV Shows), disambiguate with the country of origin if they’re different. This is not usually a problem with media which have different formats for the canonicals – movies are always disambiguated by year, books by authors, etc.

Multiple disambiguations should be applied in the following order: (COUNTRY MEDIA DATE) (follow this order however many disambigs you are using). Common abbreviated country names are acceptable: (UK TV), (US 2011)

CANONICALS: Wallander (Movie Series), Wallander (UK TV), Wallander (Sweden TV)
CANONICALS: BOSS (Japan TV), BOSS (TV 2009), BOSS (Japan 2009)

The disambiguation goes between parentheses and should be capitalized (unless the disambig is in another language where it is not typically capitalized). It also should be singular, unless it’s a series or listed as plural under the media type guidelines

Disambiguate fandoms that share a name with a character (or could be mistaken for a Character, Relationship, or Freeform tag)

Ally McBeal (TV)
(vs. the character tag “Ally McBeal”)

General Disambiguation Suffixes

"All Media Types" is the correct disambiguation for fandoms that span different series or media, but all titles are under the same name.

Star Wars – All Media Types

"& Related Fandoms" is for fandoms that are clearly related (either set in the same universe, or based on the same source), but don’t all share the same name

Doctor Who & Related Fandoms
Sub-fandoms include Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures

"Ambiguous Fandom" is for fandom tags that have been used with multiple unrelated series (e.g., two unrelated series both with works on the Archive, known by identical names).

The Avengers - Ambiguous Fandom
This has been used to refer to two different franchises, the Marvel comics superheroes and the UK spy series. The ambiguous tag "The Avengers" has been synned to "The Avengers - Ambiguous Fandom" and subtags for "The Avengers (TV)", "The Avengers (1998)", and "Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types" have been created.

See For Uses where Two Fandoms Share a Name.

Guideline updated 13 September 2017

Fandoms with Multiple Media

For fandoms that belong in multiple Archive media categories (e.g., a book with a movie adaption, a movie with a play adaption), the non-media-specific fandom name should be synned to the specific fandom intended by the first user, to avoid creating unnecessary metatags.

If later the same tag is used on works to mean multiple media types, it can be changed to an "All Media Types" tag if necessary.

CANONICAL: Fandom Title - All Media Types
SYNONYM: Fandom Title

The different existing media tags can be made into subtags under this metatag, as they are added to the Archive. There is no need to make an "All Media Types" metatag unless users later tag for different media using the same tag. Such fandoms can simply sit separately.

CANONICAL: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV)
CANONICAL: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Guideline updated 15 November 2016

Multiple Media Micro-fandoms

For very small fandoms (fandoms in which the combined total of all works on the metatag are less than 20, i.e. less than a single page of filter results), or fandoms in which the multiple media are rarely or never distinguished between by fans, the All Media Types tag can be used as the only canonical (added to all appropriate media), with the variant media tags being synned to this canonical (thus avoiding cases in which the Archive has 3 separate fandom tags for only 1 or 2 works!)

CANONICAL: All the Pretty Horses - All Media Types [sorted to both "Movies" and "Books & Literature"]
SYNONYMS: All the Pretty Horses (2000) , All the Pretty Horses - Cormac McCarthy

Even in such small fandoms, separate tags for different media can be made, or existing tags unsynned and made into subtags, if there is a compelling reason to do so (e.g. user request, or fandoms where the different media are so substantially different that they may be considered distinct fandoms.) Separate subtags of the same fandom title should still be grouped under an All Media Types metatag; media-ambiguous fandom tags (for fandoms in which more than one media exist) should not be synned to only one media but to the general tag (e.g. the fandom tag "All the Pretty Horses" should be synned to "All the Pretty Horses - All Media Types", not "All the Pretty Horses (2000)", even if the work posted with the original tag is for the movie.)

Non-English Language Canons

This section applies to canons that were originally either partly or entirely in a language other than English. These rules take precedence over the default rules for fandom names.

Note: As of 2013 we are not currently translating any AO3-specific terms in our fandom canonicals (such as - All Media Types suffixes and media disambiguations.) These will be translated when we have better multilingual support for tags.

No English Translation

If the fandom is for a canon which has no English translation or for a canon whose title in the English-speaking world is untranslated, use the original title.

CANONICAL: Ma Vie En Rose (1997)
The movie Ma vie en rose (which literally translates as "my life in pink") was released as "Ma Vie En Rose" in the English-speaking world.
CANONICAL: Corazón Salvaje (TV)
Corazón Salvaje hasn't been translated into English.

Original Name is Different from English Translation Name

If the title of the original and the English translation differ, include both separated by a pipe. If there is more than one standard English translation commonly used by the fandoms, the canonical tag may include both.

CANONICAL: Original Title | Translated Title

Note: Use disambiguation formats at the end of the tag as for the specific media type

CANONICAL: Was tun wenn's brennt? | What to Do in Case of Fire (2001)

Transliterated/Non-Latin Alphabet Fandom Titles

This refers specifically to fandoms in which the Original Language is in a writing system other than the Latin alphabet, such as Cyrillic, Hangul, Japanese, or Chinese.

Make the fandom canonicals according to the following rules:

User-made fandom tag is in the Original Language, OR user-made fandom tag is the Translated Title:

CANONICAL: Original Language Title | Translated English Title
SORT NAME: Translated Title
EXAMPLE: シュトヘル - 伊藤悠 | Shut Hell - Itou Yuu
SORT NAME: Shut Hell - Itou Yuu
SYNONYM: Shut Hell - Itou Yuu

User-made fandom tag is the Transliterated Title or uses the transliterated title as well as the translated title, or the transliterated title is widely used by Latin-alphabet language fandoms outside of AO3 (such as in many anime/manga fandoms):

CANONICAL: Original Language Title | Transliterated Title | Translated English Title
SORT NAME: Transliterated Title
EXAMPLE: 薔薇王の葬列 | Baraou no Souretsu | Requiem of the Rose King
SORT NAME: Baraou no Souretsu | Requiem of the Rose King
SYNONYM: Baraou no Souretsu | Requiem of the Rose King

There is no translated title/the standard English title is the transliterated title:

CANONICAL: Original Language Title | Transliterated Title
SORT NAME: Transliterated Title
EXAMPLE: 天空侵犯 | Tenkuu Shinpan
SORT NAME: Tenkuu Shinpan
SYNONYM: Tenkuu Shinpan

In cases where the original title is in foreign words written in a non-Latin script, use the English spelling of the title, not the native transliteration.

(On the Japanese manga, the title is written "One Piece", with the Japanese transliteration "ワンピース" as a subtitle.)

Guideline updated 14 June 2013

Multi-Language Canons

If a canon was originally in more than one language, use the format: LANGUAGE 1 TITLE | LANGUAGE 2 TITLE. Order the languages chronologically.

CANONICAL: Three Investigators | Die drei ??? - Various Authors
The Three Investigators Series was originally a series of novels in English. They became popular in German (in translation) and then a number of new novels and radio dramas were produced in German.

Alternate Titles

This refers to works that have been published under multiple titles in English-language markets. The guideline for Translations should be applied before applying this rule. This guideline takes precedence over the guideline for Editions. In many cases, fandom refers to all names; for clarity, the name is piped (as per Translations) on a case-by-case basis.

Standard Format: CANONICAL tag is the title of the publication in the market the author, production company, or translator resides in.

Note: For works with alternate titles that are based on works that also have alternate titles, apply this rule based on the original work.

CANONICAL: The Rundown (2003)
SYNONYM: Welcome to the Jungle
CANONICAL: Treaty Planet
SYNONYM: Treaty at Doona

Fanworks as Fandoms

It depends on whether in the judgement of wranglers these are something separate from the parent fandom, and whether on a case by case basis it is suitable to be subtagged to the parent fandom, or simply synned to the fandom. In general, as with Original Characters and other fanon tags, they should be canonized if more than 3 different users on the Archive have marked them as a fandom. (They may be canonized with fewer uses if they are known to be widely popular outside the Archive.)

CANONICAL: Two Two One Bravo Baker Series
METATAG: Sherlock (TV)

Wrangler Created Fandoms

Occasionally fandoms do not have official canonical names and they must be assigned by wranglers, such as with political RPF categories. When creating a fandom name, it is important to consider clarity, and to strive to work within our guidelines for inclusiveness.

For example, in cases where such fandoms clearly and solely refer to the United States of America, the assigned name should include "American (US)".

CANONICAL: American (US) Political RPF, American (US) Actor RPF

Anime & Manga

Note:: Anime & Manga is currently under discussion. It currently comprises comics & animation of Japanese, Korean and Chinese origin, including anime and other animation originating from those countries (TV series, movies, and OAVs/OVAs), Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua. This includes full length animated movies produced in these countries.

Standard Format: Follow the above rules for Translated and transliterated fandom canonicals.

Fandoms in which the original title includes an English subtitle (such that all fans of the original can be presumed to be familiar with the English title), the English title may be used without the original language title.

CANONICAL: Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types
SYNONYM: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Disambiguation between Manga, Manhwa, Manhua, and Anime

For fandoms where the manga and the anime canons overlap enough to be considered one unified canon, or where the user-made tags do not specify whether they are for the anime or the manga, the disambig should be (Anime & Manga), with the terms in alphabetical order.

CANONICAL: Basara (Anime & Manga)
CANONICAL: Hana Yori Dango & Related Fandoms
SUBTAG: Hana Yori Dango | Boys Over Flowers (Anime & Manga)
SUBTAG: Hana Yori Dango | Boys Over Flowers (TV)
the anime & the manga are one canon, and the various dramas are a separate canon each.

If canons do not overlap and users make tags for the separate canons, disambiguate with (Anime), (Manga), (Manhwa), or (Manhua).

CANONICAL SUBTAG: Fruits Basket (Anime)
CANONICAL SUBTAG: Fruits Basket - Takaya Natsuki (Manga)

Disambiguation from Other Tags

If the fandom shares the same name as a character, pairing or freeform, disambiguate with (Anime), (Manga) or (Anime & Manga) : Fandom NAME (Anime), Fandom NAME (Manga)

CANONICAL: Noir (Anime)
CANONICAL: Major (Anime & Manga)
CANONICAL: Saki (Anime & Manga)

Books & Literature

Inclusive of Books, Book Series, Light Novels, Fables, Mythology, Folktales, Poetry, Sagas and similar media.

Guideline updated 17 Oct 2014

General Principles

  • Capitalise only the first letter of each word.
  • Include a period/full stop and a space after any initials or abbreviations.
  • For works with more than one author or author/illustrator, include all names separated by &, in the order shown on the title page or other appropriate place on the work.
  • For series written by multiple authors (eg Media Tie-Ins), use "Various Authors".
  • For fandoms without a distinct author/creator, use only the title; be aware that disambiguation may be required if this is a title shared by another fandom. For the most part, this applies only to mythology, religion, and folklore fandoms.
  • Use the author's full published name as the second half of the fandom tag.

Stand-alone works

Standard Format: BOOK NAME - AUTHOR NAME

The "Author Name" should appear in the language-specific order.

CANONICAL: I Want To Go Home! - Gordon Korman
CANONICAL: The Birthday of the World and Other Stories - Ursula K. Le Guin
CANONICAL: Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
CANONICAL: Hindu Mythology

Books with Non-Latin-alphabet titles and author names should be in the format:

CANONICAL: Original Language Title - Original Language Author | Translated English Title - Transliterated Author
EXAMPLE: Аэлита - Алексей Толстой | Aelita - Aleksey Tolstoy

Works in a Series

Standard Format: BOOK SERIES NAME - AUTHORNAME (in original language order)

For series with no official series name use the most appropriate of:

  • BOOK NAME Series - AUTHORNAME (in original language order)
  • UNOFFICIAL SERIES NAME - AUTHORNAME (in original language order)

Use the word "Series" only when it appears in the official series name (as listed in the book), or to disambiguate it from a book title. Try to keep the series qualifier open-ended (ie avoid words such as "Trilogy" as the series may extend further in future).

CANONICAL: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
CANONICAL: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Official series title
CANONICAL: Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones
"Series" appears in the official series title
CANONICAL: Poirot - Agatha Christie
"Poirot" is not a book title, so omit series
CANONICAL: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
CANONICAL: Bloodlines Series - Richelle Mead
"Bloodlines" is also the title of an individual book, so this needs "series" for disambiguation.

For All Works by an Author

Standard Format: AUTHORFAMILYNAME Givenname - Works

The author's family name is capitalised, but only initial characters of other words are capitalised.

NOTE: As commas cannot be used in tags, a vote was conducted as to format of these metatags - this format was chosen by 62% of respondents, 9 May 2010.

CANONICAL: HEYER Georgette - Works

Cartoons & Comics & Graphic Novels

Includes Cartoons, Comics, Graphic Novels from countries other than China, Japan, and Korea. Does not include Animated Movies.

Standard Format: Fandom NAME

CANONICAL: Penny Arcade


All disambiguations should be singular (eg ‘Cartoon’, ‘Graphic Novel’), except for ‘Comics’ which should always be Comics, since comics typically consist of more than one book/series (while cartoons, even if part of a larger universe, generally are clearly divided into individual series.)

CANONICAL: Batman (Comics)
CANONICAL: Dora the Explorer (Cartoon)
CANONICAL: The Dreamer (Webcomic)
CANONICAL: Alix (Bande Dessinée)

For bande dessineé, webcomics, graphic novels, etc, we should strive to use the term which is most specific to the type of media. This also curtails the necessity of using company or author names as disambiguations.

Celebrities & Real People

Inclusive of RPF (and RPS) about celebrities and other real people (historical and contemporary) as well as Reality TV Shows. Excludes musicians and bands, unless the fandom specifically focuses on a musical TV show.

Whether RPF is appended to a fandom largely relies on the fandom itself and how it self-identifies - when in doubt, add RPF. Always add if there is a fandom for the non-RPF version.

All reality shows go to Celebrities & Real People and TV Shows.


CANONICAL: Comics Industry RPF
CANONICAL: The Lord of the Rings RPF


If the fandom needs disambiguation from another RPF fandom, add qualifiers as per the source media.



Inclusive of live-action theatrical films, live-action direct-to-DVD/Video films, live-action TV movies and similar media. Also includes Animated Movies which are not Anime.

Standard Format: MOVIE NAME (YEAR), where YEAR is the year of production as listed on IMDB (or fandom-specific source, or Wikipedia).

CANONICAL: The Faculty (1998)
CANONICAL: The Little Mermaid (1989)

Series, Trilogies, etc: Standard practice is to make the name of the series a canonical with qualifier (e.g. Series, (Movies), etc), and if users make specific tags for individual movies, either syn them to the Series tag, or canonize the titles in standard format and add them as subtags under the Series metatag. Note that we do not usually make subtags for individual movies in a series unless there is a compelling reason to do so (for example, if they star different characters, if one particular movie has a much larger fandom than the others, or if parts of the fandom strongly differentiate between movies/prefer to ignore one.) See Also: [Series Metatags]

CANONICAL METATAG : Evil Dead (Movies)
CANONICAL SUBTAG : Evil Dead (1981)
CANONICAL SUBTAG : Evil Dead II (1987)
CANONICAL SUBTAG : Army of Darkness (1992)


Standard format should be sufficient for disambiguation purposes. For movies with same title produced in the same year, add the director's last name to each of the canonical tags: MOVIE NAME (YEAR DIRECTOR)

CANONICAL: Men With Guns (1997 Skogland)

Music & Bands

Includes Songs, Music Videos, and Albums, as well as RPF about Bands and Musicians. Can include, at wrangler discretion, TV shows involving musical performers.

For all of the below, when disambiguation is required, use the artist’s name following the same format as other books and art: WORK - ARTIST (MEDIA)

CANONICAL: Better Than I Know Myself – Adam Lambert (Music Video)

Standard Format: TITLE - ARTIST (Song)

CANONICAL: 无需要太多 - 张国荣 | Wu Shu Yao Tai Duo - Leslie Cheung (Song)
CANONICAL: Blue - Troye Sivan (Song)

Standard Format: TITLE - ARTIST (Music Video)

CANONICAL: 걸어 | All in - Monsta X (Music Video)
CANONICAL: Beer for My Horses - Toby Keith (Music Video)

Standard Format: TITLE - ARTIST (Album)

CANONICAL: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie (Album)

Guideline updated 22 Mar 2018

Standard Format: BANDNAME

If BANDNAME has ambiguity issues, use BANDNAME (Band)

CANONICAL: Panic! at the Disco
CANONICAL: Queen (Band)

Standard Format: MUSICIAN (Musician)

CANONICAL: Britney Spears (Musician)


If two bands share the same name, please disambiguate using country of origin. If they also share that, use music genre, in that order. For song/music video/album fandoms, disambiguate where required using TITLE – ARTIST (MEDIA).

Other Media

Media which does not fit in any of the other categories, but are still considered fandoms. Includes Audio Books, TV Commercials, Computer Software, Websites, Webclips, Paintings, Photographs, Sculpture, etc. Two random examples are:

Standard Format: Fandom NAME


Static Works of Art - Standard Format: ARTWORKNAME - ARTIST

CANONICAL: Piazze d'Italia - Giorgio de Chirico


Given the nature of the category, the disambiguations will be varied. If there’s not an established standard for a specific type of media, please bring it to the mailing list for discussion. Standard disambigs include:

Fandom (Anthropomorphic)
Year Zero (Alternate Reality Game)
Arkham Horror (Board Game)
Galatea (Interactive Fiction)
Critical Hit (Podcast)
Feminist Hulk (Twitter)
Becoming Human (Web Series)
Grand Stage (Drama CD)

Guideline updated 27 Nov 2017

After reviewing the feedback that came out of the last discussion, roleplaying games – tabletop or text-based – should be disambiguated with ‘RPG’, because there is a very slight chance that a DW RP and a tabletop one will share a name. This disambiguation should not be used for video games.

Web Series is the standard form (not Webseries)

Radio series/audio plays etc can be disambigufied by the most appropriate seeming term

Web series or podcasts where the hosts are playing a tabletop RPG such as D&D (sometimes referred to as 'actual plays') should be canonised on first use as 'Fandom Name (Media)'. They should not be subtagged to anything.

NOTE: This exception to our fanworks of fanworks rule was implemented 03 August 2019. We are not looking to expand this exception.

Critical Role (Web Series)
The Adventure Zone (Podcast)


This refers to stage productions, including Plays, Musicals, Ballet and Opera.

Note:: Filmed versions of plays, musicals or Operas should be classed in Movies. eg. Hello Dolly! - Herman, being the musical is categorised as Theatre, but Hello Dolly! (1969), being a filmed version, belongs in Movies.

Fandom name formatting is dependent on the specific type of media and should follow the standard format where possible, taking into account other general rules for fandoms.

Standard format: PLAYNAME - PLAYWRIGHT

CANONICAL: The Crucible - Miller
CANONICAL: Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare


CANONICAL: Into the Woods - Sondheim/Lapine
CANONICAL: A Streetcar Named Desire - Williams
CANONICAL: Guys and Dolls - Loesser/Swerling/Burrows
CANONICAL: Don Giovanni - Mozart/Da Ponte

Standard format: BALLET NAME - Composer

CANONICAL: Frankenstein - Liebmann

Guideline updated 6 Mar 2020


Tag Conflict: Standard format should be sufficient for disambiguation purposes.

TV Shows

Inclusive of Live-action Television Series, Miniseries, Televised Serials, Specials and similar media, including Reality Shows.

Standard Format: TV SERIES NAME

CANONICAL: Carnivale


Same title or remakes within same media: add the year to avoid ambiguous tags: TV SERIES NAME (YEAR), where YEAR is the year of production as listed on IMDB. OR add abbreviation for the country of origin. If needed, use both. TV SERIES NAME (XX)

CANONICAL: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Differentiates from "Battlestar Galactica (2003)
CANONICAL: The Office (UK)
Differentiates from "The Office (US)"
CANONICAL: Cupid (TV 1998)
Differentiates from "Cupid (TV 2009)" and the character tag

Same title as another media: Add (TV) to the name : TV SERIES NAME (TV)

CANONICAL: Birds of Prey (TV)

If a franchise contains both an animated and a live-action television version, the disambiguation (Live Action TV) can be used to distinguish the live action version.

CANONICAL: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action TV)

Tag Name Conflict: If the fandom shares the same name as a character, pairing or freeform, add (TV) as the qualifier : TV SERIES NAME (TV)


Video Games

Inclusive of Computer Games, Console Games, Video Games, Visual Novels, Web-based Games and similar media. Excludes Board Games and other non-virtual games (see Other Media)

Standard Format: Fandom Name

CANONICAL: Final Fantasy X
CANONICAL: アイカツ! アイドルカツドウ! | Aikatsu!

Where a video game title has multiple formats in different languages (most commonly Japanese and English), refer to the anime/manga guidelines and apply the same standard.


Disambig with ‘Video Game’, unless it’s a series, in which case use Video Games.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Games)

‘Visual Novel’ is acceptable.

Fate/stay night (Visual Novel)

Non-Fandom Fandom Tags

If a Fandom tag is not actually a fandom (for example, if it's the title of a work, an incorrectly formatted fandom crossover like SGA/Buffy, or a fan AU) then the tag gets put into the "No Media" media category. It does not get wrangled otherwise.

Tags that are not a specific fandom but a media or sub-media category (e.g. "J-drama" or "Superhero comics") should usually be put in "No Media" and left unwrangled, but there are exceptions; see [Sub-Media Metatags] for more details.

Note: Fandom tags that do not mention or reference a particular fandom, but make clearly apparent they are attempting to avoid categorization as the fandom the work is about should be synned to Unspecified Fandom.

Guideline updated 22 April 2022

"No Fandom"

"No Fandom" is a pseudo-fandom that holds all kinds of tags that don't belong in specific fandoms/meta-fandoms but can potentially apply to many or all. Some wranglers have more official duties relating to No Fandom, but everyone and anyone is welcome to wrangle it.

Note: Tags that are unwrangleable but which obviously belong to a fandom (e.g. pairing tags entered as character tags and vice versa) should go in that fandom. Only the types of tags discussed below belong in No Fandom.

Accessing No Fandom

The tag page for No Fandom contains thousands of tags in each child category. Under current server-saving measures, only 300 of each type will be visible at a time.


Non-fandom specific freeforms go in No Fandom. These are things like Angst, Crossover, Alternate Universe, and Drabble. They are managed by the freeform commandos, but others are welcome to wrangle them as well. See [Wrangling No Fandom Freeforms] in the [Wrangling Guidelines - Freeform] page for details.


Generic Characters and Original Characters

Generic character tags go in No Fandom. These include things like an unnamed Original Character, Ensemble, Narrator, and, yes, Tentacle. Please see [Original Characters] on the [Wrangling Guidelines - Characters] for more.

Single Name Metatags

Ambiguous single name metatags that can apply to multiple fandoms ('George', 'Ann', 'Suzuki', etc.) should also be placed in No Fandom, and removed from other fandoms.


Generic Relationships

Generic Relationship tags go in No Fandom. These include things like No Pairing, Various Pairings, and Original Character/Original Character.

Mixed Relationships

Relationships with one canon character and one generic or original character ("Original Character", "Ensemble", "Mary Sue Titania Violet no Mikoto von Hellsing", etc.) go in the fandom of the canon character. They should only have the canon character tag attached, not any tags for the original or generic parts of the relationship. See also [Wrangler Guidelines - Relationships].

Ambiguous Single Name Relationships

Many single-name relationships ("John/Rodney" and the like) only apply to one relationship on the archive. These should be synned to the disambiguated version and left in the relevant fandom.

Extremely ambiguous single-name relationships (like "Jack/John") should go in No Fandom to be made metatags, as with ambiguous single-name characters.

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